Remote Vero2 doesn't work suddenly

Hi there, my remote doesn’t work anymore. I moved the USB dongle to another USB port but to no avail. I still have not tried with a new battery. Can it be that the battery is depleted in such a short time? What can be wrong? I can still use Yatse to remote control Vero2 but not that convenient.

Please help. Thanks!

Which USB port did you put it in?
Do you see a blue light on the front window?

Also try changing the battery. Your post history suggests you received your device 6 months ago and 6 months is the kind of battery life I would expect on the remote with typical use

Hi Sam, I put it in de 1st USB port (right most) but also changed using 2nd port to no avail. However, I don’t see the blue light anymore on the front device. Does it mean the device is faulty? Should I change the battery?

This is the first thing you should do. If you have been using the remote for six months and it stopped working, it’s likely to be the battery.

You should put the dongle in the rear USB port.


OK I will change the battery first and get back to you

All went well. The remote is working again with a new battery. Nothing wrong with Vero 2. Thank you Sam for your prompt assistance. I panicked, my apology.

No problem – with typical usage you will probably need to replace your batteries every 6-7 months. The good news is that they are cheap batteries – you can find them for about £0.50 each on Amazon.