Removing an Add-on

First question from me about something very basic. I’ve got my Pi2/OSMC/Yatse setup work’n pretty well thank you. I’ve used XBMC in the past on my Linux boxs and I’m pretty familiar with that. So Videos -> Video Add-ons -> ( get more and in this case lets get NASA ) -> so NASA no resides in my Video add-on directory. And I’ve added others like CNET. My basic question is what’s the process to remove lets say NASA? I’ve tried lots of things and I just can’t seem to figure that out. I’ve searched the forum here and can’t find mention of removing an Add-on. Seems XBMC was pretty straight forward and you could remove an Add-on pretty easily. On OSMC I can’t figure it out. So how does one remove an Add-on, lets say remove the NASA Add-on? Thanks

Yup, that’s the way it used to look and work. Not any more on a Raspberry Pi 2.

Found it. Seems for sure you can’t do it from the Yatse remote. So keyboard main menu -> settings -> Add-ons -> NASA ( enabled ) -> uninstall

Those screen shots are from my Rpi2 running OSMC.

Works fine here, just use Yatse to browse to your addons settings, and when you are on the addon you want to remove, press and hold the select button on Yatse until the menu appears.

Even more understanding today. If I change the skin to “confluence” then I’m back to familiar territory. Sorry just get’n to know this thing. It works perfectly with my dlna servers on the LAN. Thanks all.