Replacement Vero4k remote control, and remote testing


I’m not sure if the Vero4k remote is covered under warranty.

I’ve noticed that the ‘OK’ button doesn’t always register (perhaps 10% of the time). I had some issues with another button when I first got the unit earlier this year, but that appears to have resolved itself.

Regardless of warranty, can a spare be purchased, and, if so, what is the cost (including UK p&p)?

Is there an equivalent of ‘jstick’ which I could run from an ssh session to see if the keys are registering (checking logs isn’t really an efficient way to test this)?

Many thanks

It is indeed under warranty. Let me know order # and if address is the same and we will have a new one in the post for you tomorrow. If the other one can be salvaged you have a spare or one for another device.

Firstly, can you try repairing the remote (Hold Home and OK)?

Can you also check to see if there’s any debris under the key that might obstruct a press? Crisps etc can get under the directional pad and it would impact the OK button (as it’s largest) the most.

Push on the left hard and the key will come up. Blow in to it and push it back in. Do the same for right and up and down, and it usually works properly again.

We will replace it for you, so feel free to be a bit harsh with it.

Also: do you see a blue light when you press OK and it doesn’t register?


Thanks Sam.

I’ll run all suggested tests and see if I can resolve it.

I’m certain there’s no food in the keys, as I’m fastidious about my electronics, but it could be dirt from another source perhaps.

Thanks as always for a swift response

Hi @sam_nazarko ,

Unfortunately I’ve been unable to resolve the problem with the remote’s ‘OK’ button randomly not responding.

As per your suggestions, I can confirm that the blue led doesn’t illuminate on occasions when the UI doesn’t respond to the button press.

I couldn’t detect any obvious debris beneath the button, using the process you outlined; I also tried changing the battery (a longshot, but you never know).


No sweat. I still haven’t got one out for you as it’s been very busy.

It’s in tomorrow’s post.

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Can you give me your order number and confirm the address is the same?

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Hi @sam_nazarko,

That’s very kind of you. No need to apologise as there’s been no delay; I didn’t confirm that the tests and possible fixes you suggested were unfortunately not effective for me until this evening.

My original order details:

Order #16543 (April 4, 2018)

I can confirm the address Is still the same.
I hope the postie, who I guess is a retro fan, doesn’t ‘mislay’ the remote, like my recent copy of Retro Gamer magazine!

All the best

Hi Sam.

Were you able to drop a remote in the post? I can envisage how busy you are, so I wasn’t sure if you’d seen my reply to your question.

Many thanks as always,


I did indeed. I anticipate you seeing it Friday at worst case. Our collection today was so full that Royal Mail refused to collect the entire collection.

They sent a second van but it still didn’t clear our backlog. So if your order wasn’t collected (hard to tell what was in each bag), it will be collected tomorrow


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That’s perfect, thank you so much Sam.

Glad to see business is going great (hope you’re not overworking though, you have to be careful - believe me, I know)

Hi Sam,

Any chance you could check to see if the remote was collected in your last shipment?

I have received other post today, but unfortunately no sign of the remote as yet.

Many thanks,

Hi RR,

The remote was collected. I’ll send another one tomorrow.
Let me know if it doesn’t arrive by Thursday and I’ll send it on a tracked service.


Thanks Sam.

Do you think I should contact my local post sorting office?

I don’t have any real experience with how things operate; is there anything they can do to check that post is not going missing?

I heard from a friend once that someone we used to go to school with briefly worked for Royal Mail; staying true to form, he was fired after being caught dumping mail in the woods. Reprehensible to the last.


I have raised an enquiry, so they will probably contact them on your behalf.

My guess is you might end up with two, in which case, keep them!

It’s unlikely anyone is stealing your mail in particular, they’d have to know what was in the envelope, which won’t be obvious.



Thanks Sam.

If I do receive two, I’ll return one - they look expensive.

I agree, selectively losing mail would be highly unlikely, however my subscription copy of Retro Gamer still hasn’t arrived, yet other post has.

It’s fear of not receiving correspondence from the hospital that’s driving my paranoia at the moment.

Take care,