Replacing with custom version

This is certainly true, as I updated the library in the December update myself. If the lib wasn’t updated yours would not have been replaced

If there are further patches needed, please give me a link to them or check they’re up to date with our tree from Git

Well mine was working with the patched version,but a couple of days ago OSMC was updated and it stopped to work,i had to do the mentioned steps again and it works fine again.They are many patches around,but like i said before "The best way is to compile the librtmp with all patches like described here
Customized rtmpdump binaries with patch file all credits go to KSV

Step by Step described by yetanotherday here…Compile librtmp RaspberryPI

We are using the same patch:

Its not the same as this one Patch.diff and compared with the command diff -b -i -y Patch.diff Patch2.diff (where Patch2.diff is your version shows the differences)

I will check in detail, but most likely he is based off a different rev from rtmpdump upstream.

I just compiled this one [dinkypumpkin] ( and it is not working either,i compiled the KSV source again and its working nice again with all TV Channels

Forgive me if im way off the mark here but for my own observations and logic Its my understanding that the file located in /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ doesnt change and is static ?

however the file locacted in usr/lib does. I checked the physical size after Sams patches and saw that it increased in size (similar to the one i compiled a few days earlier)
Ive not personnally had a stream that doesnt work so i cant comment, also before sam included the patches i had already replaced both files as i was unsure what file was used.
Are saying that you replacing the rtmp in the arm-linux-gnueabihf each time ?

Hi aporeg
I Have a Pi 2 with OSMC. I want to replace, but i don’t feel to compile it by myself successfully.
Can you give me a funcional link for your last version please ?
thanks for the help.