Repos not updating after booting / startup

Hi everyone,

I own 3 Raspberries (Vers. 2), I set them up the same way, however I encounter the issue that my repos, hence my addons, won’t update after the startup as I am used to it.

  • “Automatic updates” is switched on (in the addon section)
  • I am able to reach all of the repos manually
  • I deleted the “addon20.db” or “addon19.db” in the “database” folder, but it doesn’t seem to fix my issue.

My Kodi’s installed on a Windows system (again exactly the same setup) update automatically (don’t have the issue).
This is why I assume it would be an issue with OSMC… all devices are connected via cable and are updated.

Anyone has any thought on this or has had similar problems?


Seems like you may be on an old version of OSMC, this was fixed in the June update.

Thanks for your reply.
I thought so too, however I’m on 2016.06-2 and the issue persists.

I have a question about this feature fixed… the question it’s:
That feature it’s autoscheduled ? What ever ? Every restart ? Every one or more days ?