Request: chance "My Osmc" upgrade date to the day update comes out?!

Hello there,

I would like to make a request to change the date that is in “My OSMC” to the date that the latest update came out, example I’m on:
April 2017 2017.04.01

I’d this was changed it would like something like:
April 2017 2017.05.02 (2 may)

Cause that’s when the latest update came out:-) then if I wanted to check if I had the latest update, o would just goto Blog - OSMC and see when the latest update was released :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that it makes any sense to do this. We may release more than one update in a month.

I know the latest version easily using the current versioning scheme, with your proposed scheme it’s not actually clear if the version you are running is up to date

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That’s why you can just see Https:// to see what update is the latest, and so can everyone else (that’s not a hardcore sure) :smiley:

Edit: or make something like (in " My OSMC")

May 2017 2017.05.02 P2 (part 2) for one more update in the month :wink:

But part 2 as you put it would be on a different day.

Surely this would cause more confusion?

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i actully dont think so, i thing most people, would like to see if they are on the newest update (in My Osmc) that they can check from

I don’t see the problem. Everything you need to know is here