Resolution Kernel 3.14.29-226


I installed last kernel. now the max resolution I can set is 1920x1080. With higher like 3840 I only get a blue screen…

Do you are aware of this?


You shouldn’t set a 4K resolution on Vero 4K / Vero 4K +

Enable Adjust Refresh Rate and set it to 1080p. When you play 4K content, it will switch automatically.

ah, ok. for what reason is it not recommended to set a 4k resolution?

  • Your TV will likely do a better job at upscaling
  • Kodi v17 doesn’t support resolution downgrading; which makes bit depth and colour space adjustment harder to do. This will change in Kodi v18, but we still recommend running the GUI at 1080p.

ok, thx for explenation. should the refrsh rate set to always?

I recommend doing so, yes.