*RESOLVED as my error :)* - Youtube addons releated - It's inputstream removed on latest version?

About one or two days ago i have check for update and i have obtain some update about mediacenter…apparently i don’t have anymore the imputstream for dash support installed… it’s be removed on last version ? Previosly i have it and now on log appears somethigs like it’s no more installed on osmc and on “Add-ons - Add-on Browser - My Add-ons” i can’t found it anymore ?

It’s only my problems ?

I need to reinstall manually ? If yes how i can do ?

According to my question i can add some information about this question… i have the inputstream activated… but on latest Youtube addons 5.3.10 apparently there’s no working…

When OSMC boot appears this ever on log:

20:28:07.112 T:1651504112  NOTICE: [plugin.video.youtube] Startup: detected Krypton (Kodi-17.1), setting DASH_SUPPORT_BUILTIN = False, DASH_SUPPORT_ADDON = True

Apparently the addons can’t find the inputstream installed on OSMC ??


Can you post a full Kodi debug log?

The addons are being built and included, but I’m not sure why they aren’t working as expected.


I need to activate the debug or a log at normal level it’s equal ? If i need to activate the debug i need some minutes :slight_smile:

Actually i have a normal level debug… because it’s say:

Wait if need the debug log…

Pretty clear here…

I thinks you can check full debug log here:

Otherwise i have ask same question on official youtube thread on kodi forum… and @anxdpanic have explain to me and it’s say all it’s normal on my OSMC:

You can found the solution to this my dubs on this reply… my question:
My question

And the solution to my question:
The solution

I can flag this thread as RESOLVED… sorry for confusion :slight_smile:

I didn’t see the solution.

Can you copy it verbatim here as it may benefit other users?


Lol… it’s because the link to exactly reply apparently not work…

I edit and quote directly the reply :slight_smile:

Cheers, thank you

mmmmmmmmmm… i thinks now i have hypelinked the correct reply.

Now, when click on it, it’s been reported to my question and reported on “stupid” solution :smile:

OMG Now I also find problems where there is nothing… lol