Restore of settings from Vero 4K failing on Vero 4K+

Performed a backup of my Vero 4K on December update. Got a new Vero 4K+, updated it to December update. Scp’d the backup to it. Performed settings restore to the Vero 4K+ and it reports “some items failed to restore. See log for details”. The backup (OSMCBACKUP_2019_02_18_18_29_12.tar.gz) I’m restoring from is on /home/osmc/

Logs uploaded to

Any help much appreciated

Restoring each file one by one its appears to be fstab its failing on. Alas, I manually restored the fstab config.

Thanks for letting us know.
I think fstab is potentially dodgy; particularly if restoring from one class of device to another, i.e. Pi to Vero or vice versa

Should be restored.