Reverse mirroring

I have a strange question, which is probably unheard of.

I have a RPi3 hooked to my TV, and I have a desktop PC with windows, but they are against eachother so I can’t see both at the same time. Is there a way to stream the Kodi player to my windows pc? VNC is really not good for watching a movie :confused:

I would hook another HDMI cable up, but my secondary monitor has a single DVI input. and I don’t have a DVI-HDMI converter at the moment.

So is there a way to software wise to see OSMC on my secondary monitor? The technology is capable of it, I just don’t know a single software that would help me with it.

(I’m not interested in streaming video from my PC to OSMC but the other way around. I know I could just open the filesystem and play the video, but that would lose the point to it, since the TV would still not play the video and trakt and other plugins in osmc wouldn’t recognize playment of the video.)

Hopefully someone did something like this, or know of a way that can be done.

Your fastest and best solution is installing Kodi on your PC and use a shared database