Revert Vero 2 to Kodi 15?

How difficult is it to revert the pre-installed Kodi 16 RC3 to v15.2 please?

I have a few Raspberry Pi’s dotted around the house which are all linked to a central MySQL database, so unfortunately I won’t be able to use Vero 2 for the time being.

If reverting is difficult then I’m happy to wait till the final v16 is out, but if not I’ll revert and hold off for the v16.1 release for stability.



Kodi was meant to land last Sunday but there were some unexpected delays and issues. We are just waiting on Kodi to fix these issues

I haven’t prepared a Isengard tree as since December all work has been on Jarvis as its release has always been imminent.

I think Jarvis will land very soon. I apologise for the inconvenience


No problems, I understand and will happily wait.