Rewind makes Vero 4k+ unable to start video playback again

Vero 4k+ with October software.

I watched an old DVD-rip, clicked rewind because I wanted to see a part again (lost focus during watching - wife talking etc ;)). Then it was not able to restart playback again. Only had the frozen picture clicked pause/play/pause… nothing. Also tried switch chapter; still nothing. When clicking stop and restarting movie everything went fine.

You have to seek backward.
FF/RW is pretty much broken in Kodi


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Thank you Sam. Do you know if kodi got any plans of fixing this? Not critical, just annoying.

Hi Tor,

Go to Settings -> Playback and under Acceleration set MPEG2 to HD and Up. It might be a good enough workaround for now.


I will test when I can trick my wife away from the Vero 4k+ :wink:

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