Rewind not working Vero 4K


I’m super happy with my Vero 4K so far and it amazingly handles videos very well not matter what size or type. Expect one thing which is rewinding isn’t working properly.
let’s say I re-winded back for 40 second, then pushed play button, it’ll take forever and it wont’ play at all, I have to stop then play the video again.

I’m using Ethernet cable connection my PC to my Vero box.

thank you,

Try using skip steps instead. Digital media does not lend itself well to ff/rew left over from the bygone era of VHS where such a function was the only way to traverse within a video.

The problem is that if you accidentally hit “Rewind”, you have to stop the video and restart it to get it to sync up. I can understand that having a good display of video while rewinding isn’t easy, but once you hit “Play” again, the player knows where it should start playback from, and it should be no different from doing a “Seek” to that spot.

But, instead, the player loses its mind, and you have to stop and resume. Note, too, that the “Resume” point offered by Kodi is where you “rewound” to, not the place before you started rewinding. So, again, the player knows where it should be…it’s just not seeking to that point correctly.