RF Remote pairing algorithm?

I understand that to force pairing you hold “Home” + “OK”.
What I don’t understand is the fine details. In particular, I can’t figure out to pair multiple remotes to a single dongle/Vero. Every time I pair a new remote, it seems to forget the old pairing, from which I assume the pairing is strictly one-to-one?
Is this correct, or am I doing something wrong?

You can’t pair multiple remotes to one dongle trivially. It’s possible but would be tricky for you to do manually.


Is there how-to somewhere? I bought extra remotes just so I could have two remotes on some of the Vero 4K’s.


Unfortunately it’s not going to be trivial to pair one remote to a dongle from an end-user perspective.
If you need to use more than one remote, I suggest using the dongle that accompanies it.