RF433 Send integration


I’m newbie for OSMC.
I would integrate RF433 Transmitter to control RF lamp.
I had google it but cannot find similar thread.

The aim is delay off the Lamp (May be 5sec) while start to play any video.
And turn on the lamp during pause or end of movie.

Tasks already done.

  1. Pi2 with OSMC June Build
  2. Lamp control code sniffer done (Let say Turn on is 12345 , Turn off is 67890)
  3. Installed 433Utils and wire connected 433 Transmitter module.
  4. I can control the Lamp on/off in shell command. (For example sudo ./codesend 12345)

How / Where can I insert “sudo ./codesend 12345” into OSMC play menu?
It will be appreciated if any input.

Have a look at the ISY Event Handler addon. It can probably be edited to suit your needs.


Im doing almost the same, witch guide or how did you get RF433 to work with OSMC… i have it working on arduino… did you get the receiver to work?