Right view from MVC.mkv file

How I can display in my rpi 2B+ using Omxplayer only the right eye view from MVC.mkv file in 2D?

To my understanding, all RPi variants of Kodi are fully able to decode MVC mkv content into full frame-packed 3D through standard HDMI. By your question, I take it that you’re trying to output that content to a non-3D television by limiting that output to a standard, full frame, two-dimensional image, specifically the right eye view.

Considering that both halves of the MVC content are being processed/decoded anyway, it definitely seems possible that one half of the image data could simply be ignored rather than muxed for display. However, the user interface may not support this special case yet where MVC is concerned as it seems to be given somewhat less developmental attention due to it’s lack of hardware support outside the Pi.

I would say that if you raise the playback HUD menu when the file is playing and you are unable to select the 2D viewing option from the 3D control menu, then it might not be a supported feature yet, at least fully as far as the UI is concerned. After that, you might still be able to script it yourself to play in that manner, but someone else will have to fight that battle with you as it is well above my pay grade. I hope it works out for you.

Thanks for the answer.
I would say that If I raise the playback HUD menu when the file is playing I am able to select the 2D viewing option from the 3D control menu, then I can see in 2d only the left eye view but I need to see only the right view. Mvc files have the full left eye content and only the delta right eye content.

You still may be able to script a solution, but it sounds as if this will require a feature request to the Kodi development team. If you act soon, time is more or less on your side for it’s possible inclusion in the next version (Krypton) as serious focus has only recently begun.

If the average development cycle holds true to the last four, we’re looking at six to eight months before Krypton is finalized. Of course it may take longer for this iteration due to the new gaming layer that will probably need quite a bit of additional testing. At any rate, give it a go and bring this to their attention. It could be that the developers aren’t as fluent in proper two-dimensional MVC display as yourself.

If you have a correctly tagged (e.g. containing .3D.MVC. in filename) and MVC decode is enabled in video/accelaration settings then you can play the decoded 3D video as 2D.
From the OSD video menu you can then select “Invert stereoscopic 3D mode (flip eyes)” which will display the right eye 2D image rather than the left eye. You can even select “set as default for all videos” if you always want to show the right eye view.

Flip eyes (invert stereoscopic 3D mode) is also available in rpi 2B+ with Omx player without Kodi?

… And that sort of versatility is why Kodi is smarter than your average bear. Thanks popcornmix.

Edit: Wait, so you want to launch Omx as an external player from within Kodi, or as it’s own system install?

No. command line omxplayer has very little to do with kodi or OSMC and has a much reduced feature set.
But this isn’t the right place to ask about command line omxplayer - OSMC doesn’t even include it.