Rii i8+ (bluetooth) installation


I see a few discussions of problems getting a Rii i8+ bluetooth kbd to reconnect, but this implies some degree of success getting it seen/working in the first place – which I’m unable to do within KODI, which automatically takes over my session if I boot OSMC on my RPi (original). I’m trying to use the USB dongle that came with the kbd, of course. I don’t find ANY sign of awareness of the device in the GUI - and don’t know what to “force” manually via an ssh session.

The whole point of the Rii exercise for me was to avoid having to STEAL the USB kbd off my desktop to take to the RPi.

If I boot Raspbian instead it sees/uses the Rii just fine (AFAIK, anyway - limited time exploring still) so it stuns to raisin that I should be able to see it from OSMC, too???

Parenthetically, I’ve “installed” a couple other devices (that I don’t have) in hardware/inputs - like game controllers - but can’t finger out how to DELETE them now that I’ve determined they don’t help anything…

Hmmmmm - what a helpless fudd, eh?