Root accass not work

Hallo i enabeled root with sudo passwd root and set the passwd as 12345678

But i cant connect with SSH using user: root and passwd: 12345678
It coms evety time passwd question.

I need root for FTP to move some files to osmc and without root comes everytime no permission

Sorry for my bad english

Why do you need that? Where do you want to put files that the osmc user doesn’t have access to? Normally would suggest to transfer the files to a place osmc can write and then via ssh and sudo copy them to priviliged path (unless you have to do this very often).

Generally root access works well for me.

Provide a journallog via grab-logs -J and share the URL

If you want to FTP as root you will need to edit /etc/ftpusers and remove root as a disallowed user