RPi 1 SD card on RPi 2?


I’ve been using OSMC on an RPi 1 very nicely (thank you for awesome software) and I will probably get an RPi 2. Can I use the Micro SD card immediately on the RPi 2 or do I need to reinstall from scratch?

I see the installer gives option for Vero / RPi 1 / RPi 2 - what’s the difference in the two RPi versions?


You need to think of a clean install - the hardware for Pi1 and Pi2 are different (ARM6 and ARM7, I think) - and the builds are compiled separately.

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OK no problem - I’ve had lots of fun with OSMC so I’ll probably enjoy tinkering all over again with the RPi2 :slight_smile:

I searched now, but could not seem to find the reference. I think I read before you can at least back up your configurations (using integrated OSMC backup tool) and then re-import them on your new setup.

You can make a backup via My OSMC, but as others have said a reinstall is necessary.