RPI 2 + Logitech K400 keyboard - lag during playback

I’m newbie in RPI 2 and OSMC world. :blush:
Yesterday I installed OSMC and I have noticed some lag while using Logitech touchpad during movie playback.
In the OSMC menus everything works fine.
Should I change dome additional settings or what?
Thanx in advance!

What do you mean by “lag” ?

Do you mean that the GUI updates a bit slower during video playback ? If so, this is by design - GUI refresh rate is limited to 10fps during video playback by default.

I mean that the mouse pointer is moving a little bit lower than usual.
I ordered IR remote for my RPI 2 future media center so I hope there will be no problem with remote.

Ok. Well as I said, GUI refresh rate is limited to 10fps during video playback, so that would cause a mouse pointer to move slowly as well.

You can try turning this off by going to Settings->Video->Acceleration and changing “Limit GUI updates when playing video” from 10fps to Off.

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Ok, thank You for fast response, I will try it later.
But if I disable this option “Limit GUI updates when playing video” what will happen with real video playback? Will it suffer (stutter or so)?

On a Pi 2, probably not. I think that setting is more to squeeze every last drop of performance out of a Pi 1. It is a relatively new setting as well, I think it was only added a few months ago.

Now I can confirm that with disabling this option everything works ok, no stuttering video during playback and moving the mouse pointer.
Thanx for help!