Rpi 2 not working

Just got my Rpi2 and installed osmc, installation went fine when Im trying to boot up the osmc screen freezes a while then get terribly slow and I can’t move around. restarting and screen freezes on bootup with pi symbol in the left corner guessing it’s kernel problem?
When is the new rpi2 build planned to be released?

Are you sure you are choosing Raspberry Pi 2 in the installer menu?

I have made several reinstalls the last couple of days due to an other problem, and the installation process always goes well.
I actually find Alpha 4 for Rpi2 quite stable.

Yes, Im sure. Gonna try a reinstall when I get home from work. Just to clear that out. Thanks!

Unlikely to be a kernel problem if it’s happening on a fresh install - I run a Pi 2 (as well as a B+) and have been using it for dev work on OSMC for weeks with no real issues.

It’s far more likely to be a hardware issue - either too much overclock, bad SD card or SD connection in the socket, or an inadequate power supply / power supply cable.

On my Pi 2 I have had freezes in OSMC during early boot (before the Kodi screen appears) when I use the power adaptor from my original model B Pi but not with my new power adaptor. The Pi 2 seems to be even more fussy about the quality of the power supply and the cable than previous models…

I have also had intermittent hard system freezes (any time from minutes to hours after booting) on my Pi 2 if I try to use the “Turbo” overclock, however so far (touch wood) with “Normal” overclock and my best power supply it has been 100% stable.

So I think it’s unlikely your issue is software related. I would drop back to Normal overclock if you are on Turbo and also try a different power adaptor if you have one, or a better (thicker) USB cable from your power adaptor to the Pi if it’s a detachable cable, as many of the cables have wires that are far too thin.

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Reinstalled and without USB powered speakers… now works like a charm just some stutter here and there no worries, gonna work out within next release :slight_smile: