RPI 3 b+ and WIFI access point

hi there,

is it even possible (I’ve searched but did not get at the end, sorry) to configure my RPI with OSMC as WIFI access point which has no Internet connection at all. I’m using it in my car as media center and I wanted to connect my iPhone to OSMC via wifi. So create a static WIFI point where people can connect and play music from their apple devices.

Thanks in advance

The problem you’ll find by doing this is that no iPhone or other device will then have an internet connection when connected to this WiFi. So except for local files already on the device, presumably music, these devices will not be able to stream from online sources. If my assumption is correct and this is your plan, it won’t work. You can’t connect a device to a WiFi network without access to the internet and still expect to receive data from the cellular connection simultaneously.

hm you are 100% right, lol. I wonder if mb OSMC can connect to my phone hotspot then? :slight_smile:

I don’t know why it wouldn’t.