RPi 3 Buffering after recent update

Running 17-RC1 and now suddenly my RPi3 that is connected to my NAS via an ethernet cable is bufffering. NAS share is an NFS mount. Everything was working fine until the recent update.

What are the preferred advancedconfig settings for an RPi 3? and 17-rc1

Confirm that the v17 changes to tags were implemented.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

To be on the safe side, I added both version tags. But they don’t seem to make any difference. I get a message saying Source too Slow, Playback won’t be continuous. As I said, everything worked before the update.

@bruce_miranda you say that the Pi is connected to the NAS via ethernet. How exactly? Pi -> ETH -> Router -> ETH -> NAS?

This indicates that the source is pushing data too slowly.

But the same source with the same network connection was working fine prior to the update. The pi is connected to a switch to which both the router and nas are connected. Gigabit network.

If you are on v17, there is no reason at all to retain “both version of tags”. If you are still having issues, provide complete set of debug enabled logs that demonstrate this problem.

I’ve removed the pre 17 tags and I’ve put my log on here.


Turns out that the v17 update was not the issue. For some unexplained reason by switch is only putting through data in single digit MB/s. I switched the switch and everything is working fine.

I tested the Pi3 to the NAS connection using iperf3. Really helped me narrow down the problem.