RPi 3 OSMC problems with Samba and SSH

I installed OSMC from NOOBS and SSH and Samba from the app store. Both SSH and Samba are functioning as far as I can tell, however I’m having issues. I can’t add my external HD to the smb-shares.conf file because I can’t create it. Whenever I try to modify anything on the Samba folder I get permission denied. I’ve try running as root which hasn’t helped.

So far on Samba I can’t actually access the Pi via explorer using it’s IP. I believe this is because no directories are actually in the smb-share file.

Both services are running. I can access the drive via SSH. I’ve put files onto the drive via SSH that play fine. I just can’t edit Samba with SSH OR share the drive with SSH. Googling mostly failed me, any thoughts on where to even look would be appreciated.

What command are you using to edit smb-shares.conf?

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb-shares.conf

should do the trick.

But as Sam pointed out, that’s not needed.

Attached drives are automatically mounted and shared via Samba without any configuration changes being necessary.

That is what I Would to do edit it, however I can’t even create it to edit it. Nor can I edit any other files in the etc/samba folder, even if I elevate to root.

I have heard elsewhere that all drives are auto shared via Samba, which is the result I expected. I just checked, and after the 5th reboot windows can now connect to the Samba. I still can’t explain the other weirdness, but I suppose it doesn’t matter as the only result I care about it working.

Thanks for the replies. I wish I could explain what changed other than rebooting my PC.