RPI 4 Kodi 19+ high definition UHD video thread

Hello, I would like to hear from existing users with RPI 4s about their experience with the latest update and its capabilities/usability.

Specifically I would like to know how the berry behaves when processing (hardware decoding) high definition content. My use case would be to display 2160p 10-bit/HDR HEVC/h265 content. More specifically BluRay remuxes averaging bitrate of 60 000 + kbps.

The plan is to have 2 units. One Pi 4 as a headless gigabit NAS file server (tested and working), and the second Pi 4 as a consumer device for TV viewing.

I have been itching to get the second RPI 4 for this purpose for some time. But I could not find an adequate thread with up-to-date information, especially regarding OSMC distro. From what I’ve seen guys on LibreELEC had limited success with the use case described here. So any info would be appreciated.

From my initial checking
HDR not working
2160p playback is stressing the Pi quite heavily you would need active cooling solution

Currently only the Vero4k+ fulfil this requirement flawlessly