RPI external disk shuttering

Hi, i have RPI 512mb model.
I used my old external 2,4’ harddrive to watch movies. It is plugged to external powered usb hub.
Everything was working correctly. Recently i’ve updated my harddrive to 3,5’ WD green 2TB and formated it to exFAT. When i want to watch any movie it shutters/skips and i got some color overlay over the movie (green/violet)

Where can be a problem? On my notebook i can watch without problem, from this 2TB drive.

Thanks for suggestions.

You still got your old 2.5" drive to see if that makes any difference?

Yes i have it, it works well - both of discs have the same data on.
On 2,5’ no shuttering/overlay =/

Where does the 3.5" drive get it’s power? 3.5" HDD would be a lot of demand for a USB hub.

It has it own power source + its connected to RPI via powered usb hub.

Suggest top run top via ssh while watching the movie to check if anything is eating the CPU.
If CPU is not your problem do some throughput test of the drive while copying files from SD to the drive and reverse. You could use iotop to monitor that.

Thanks, ill try that during the weekend.

Can you clarify your green/violet overlay? Does it look like:

If so you need a better power supply. If it’s not that can you provide a photo?

Like this

Can you report output of “vcgencmd get_throttled” after playing a video.

A debug log and dmesg output (after the problem) may have some clues.

Does playing the video from sdcard or a USB stick have the same issue (i.e. copy it from hard drive)?

from vcgencmd get_throttled i get throttled=0x0

from top i get http://pastebin.com/HMHURm2c

My rpi doesnt know iotop

Playing from another disk - 2,5inch is totally fine been using it for atleast 2 years without problem