RPi touch screen backlight control


I just set up my RP with the RPi touch screen and 1/1/16 OSMC. I see there is a command line way to turn the backlight on and off. Is there a way to bind this to the screen saver? I would like to have the back light turn off when the screen goes to sleep. Even with the screen black it glows. Alternately, I would be happy to bind the off command to a touch button and have it turn back on when you touch the screen anywhere.

Any ideas?



I would refer to the documentation of the screen. If this is a hdmi screen there should be some command to turn the backlight off via tvservice or something.

There is a way, just need to know how to bind the commands to a button or the screen saver. I’ve tried looking for an OSMC SDK but so far nothing that helps.


That looks like exactly what I want, Thanks!!

Looks like I got blocked. The backlight control is in a newer rpi firmware which osmc does not let me load. Hopefully this catches up soon. The addon otherwise would do what I want.