rpi2 blank keyboard

I have a raspberry pi 2 and I’m using the confluence 7 skin, and my keyboard does not seem to work. it did when I used raspbmc. can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? attached are my logs:

Debian paste error #kodi.log
Debian paste error #dmesg

The reason this affects me is because for some shows it wants a captcha response. The escape and arrow keys do work. I’m using a Logitech k700 keyboard.

What is confluence 7 ?

The latest version of Confluence is 2.5.12, so I am assuming it is a fork of confluence. Keyboard support in skins changed between Gotham and Helix - this means if you try to use an old skin that has not been updated for Helix you will not have a working on screen keyboard.

Is the keyboard there if you switch to standard Confluence or another up to date skin ? If so you need to bug the author of your skin to update it…

ok then that’s probably it. confluence 7 is for 7 icons instead of 5. I’ll try regular confluence if that works then that’s it. yep that’s it. just went back to the original confluence. thanks!