RPI2 english only subtitles

I use raspb 2 with osmc kodi ver 15.2.
For some reason subtitle add-ons find english subtitles only even though I have hanged “preffered subtitle language” to polish. This setting worked fine on RPi 1 but not on my new RPi 2.
other setting:
language to download subtitles for - english.
default movie service(polish) - opensubtitles.org 5.0.14, napisy24.pl 1.0.11., napiprojekt.pl 1.1.0.
those subtitle addons config options are limited to login/pass details. I signed up on those websites and tried with and without login.
Addons work fine for searching english subtitles. I also tried to find german subs but I would see english subs instead.
I have changed system language from eng to polish but did not help.
I have tried manual subs search but only get english results.
I have tried changing filename to shorter or polish and did not help.
all I get is english subtitles to download.
Big cheers to anyone who even try to help :slightly_smiling: