RPI2 + latest build + Yamaha RX-S600 + LG tv flickering


I’m experiencing a constant flickering of the video since the last update. If i change the frequency from 24Hz to 50Hz, or 50-24, it stops briefly but it returns again after a while.

Any ideas??


Sounds like a HDMI negotiation issue. Have you tried plugging in the RPi direct to the TV to rule out AVR?

I have also a DVD player connected and there is no problem., but connecting the RPI direct to the TV has the same results.

I’m trying now the solution indicated in the Kodi Raspberry Pi FAQ. In the paragraph 2.10 Audio or video dropouts on HDMI it indicates to increase the config_dmi_boost. I have increase it to 4.

I will post if this solves the problem.

I think 4 is actually the default for config_hdmi_boost now, although i don’t think that FAQ has been updated to reflect this. Try increasing it to 7.

I had 0 as default, but it comes from a OSMC RC3. Maybe now is as you say because this was a problem detected.

Now i have 4, as i said i’ll post the results.


When I say default, I mean the value that applies if there is no config_hdmi_boost entry in config.txt at all.

On a fresh OSMC install that entry is not in config.txt so the default of 4 would apply.

I have modified the value in config section in the OSMC setup add-on. The initial value was 0, It should not have been 4?

I have checked with @popcornmix and apparently there is no one default value for all models - the default value for a Pi 1 A/B is 2, and the default value for a Pi 1 B+ and Pi 2 is actually 5.

So on your Pi 2 using any custom setting less than 5 would actually reduce the hdmi boost level increasing the chance of trouble.

So as with my original suggestion I would suggest you try a value of 7 if the default value (which is actually 5) was not sufficient. Zero is definitely a bad idea.

Ok. I’ll try with 7 then.


The problem persist. I have changed the HDMI cable and the power supply for a new one with 3.1A output.

Any ideas??? :cry:

Pi1 or Pi2?
You said “since the last update”. Was that Kodi 14 (Helix), or the initial release of Kodi 15 (Isengard)?
Does the flickering occur in the menus or when playing videos (or both)?
Could you make a recording with a camera phone? People can mean many different effects by flickering.

Pi2 with July update (Aug 3). The flickering is in both menus and video. I’ll make a video as soon as i can but i’ll try to be more specific. The effect is as if the signal was lost for half a second with black screen. The flicker time is not alwais the same is like a morse code.

Well, as i said i’ll try to put a video as soon as posible.

Seems the problem has resolved. I’m trying to reproduce the problem but after two restarts there are no more flickering.

If it returns i’ll post a video.

Thanks to all.