RPi2 OSMC/Kodi crash when generating thumbnails - September update


I have a RPi2 with OSMC and I’m very very happy with it and the project. It is really awesome.

But since last update (september) I’m having Kodi crashes when browsing photo albums, and it did not happened before (august release).

I’m getting crashes with this error at the end of the log file. Complete log link: Kodi RPi2 Thumbnail generation "Wait event timeout" crash - Pastebin.com

02:48:39 1455.515503 T:1551512608   ERROR: COMXCoreComponent::WaitForInputDone OMX.broadcom.image_decode wait event timeout

… but sometimes I have this error too (like this: OMX.broadcom.image_decode OMX_ErrorStreamCorrupt, Bitstream corrupt · Issue #288 · raspberrypi/firmware · GitHub). Complete log link: Kodi RPi2 Thumbnail generation "Stream Corrupt" crash - Pastebin.com

02:57:53 2009.499268 T:1885336608   ERROR: COMXCoreComponent::DecoderEventHandler OMX.broadcom.image_decode - OMX_ErrorStreamCorrupt, Bitstream corrupt
02:57:53 2009.501953 T:1604449312   ERROR: COMXCoreComponent::FreeInputBuffers WaitForCommand:OMX_CommandPortDisable failed on OMX.broadcom.image_decode omx_err(0x8000100b)

To sum it up, Kodi crashes when doing thumbnails, doesn’t matter if EXIF is enabled or not, or if I’m mounting the remote directory through Samba or NFS.

I digged in my photos and found one that causes the crash (the first error message, “image_decode wait event timeout”), you can download it from here (sorry about the size, ~6.5MB):


…so, I’m and linking an image and both log files so you can reproduce, investigate it, and perhaps work on a solution. This is not the only photo that makes Kodi crash, on the contrary, seems like I have a lot of photos that produces this error.

Thank you!

Having the same issue. In fact, I can’t watch any photos w/o crash.
Anybody any idea how to solve this? Thanks.

Hi, I’ve updated OSMC today and this issue seems to be fixed.


I don’t normally use kodi to look at picture but I did today and after a few picture OSMC crashes.

I don’t know if this issue was present in previous updates or not.

Is anybody else stilll getting this?

Please don’t resurrect long dead threads that have clearly been resolved previously.

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