RPi2 skips frames on one TV, but not on the other

I have a problem that has left me feeling stupid and helpless. I have two Raspberry Pi’s 2, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. The one in the living room is equipped with digi+ card to get the audio to the receiver. Now, the one in bedroom, works like a charm. Blu ray and everything, over samba shares, no problem. It’s the one in the living room that’s driving me crazy. It constantly skips frames every few seconds or so. The info pane shows q: around 93-95%. Why? Network seems to be fine, and it does the same when playing files from SD card. And FPS of the video does not seem to change much (it got worse on 25FPS video actually).

Anyway, it got me so angry that I pulled the working Pi from bedroom out of the wall and plugged it in in the living room. No settings changed. And it began to SKIP FRAMES!!! What the hell?

So, as the living room tv is a bit older, my idea was that it didn’t support 24p properly. But it worked just fine with my old core2duo box? And it displays 1080/24p on OSD.

There’s a beer waiting for anyone that can unravel this for me…

Just kicked the latest openelec beta into the offending PI. vq settles around 95%, but stays there and no skips anymore…

Nobody can help you without at least some proper debug logs - you don’t even say whether you are using wifi or Ethernet, which is a pretty critical piece of information for a problem like this…or what kind of video file you were seeing problems with. (Media info output please)

I wouldn’t take too much notice of the vq figure in the codec info overlay by the way. The difference you describe between 93 and 95 is meaningless.

Did you try playing around with the sync settings in the system/video options?
Like “Adjust display refresh rate to match video” or “Sync playback to display”?

Edit: See second screenshot here for reference:

Right, sorry about that. I was just thinking I might be missing something very obvious that someone would just know off the top of their head. I’ll grab some logs when I get home and post them here. As for other info, it’s a .TS file, remuxed from a Blu-Ray, otherwise untouched. I’m accessing the samba share trough wired network and I’ve run some tests, I get smooth and uninterrupted transfers way above the bitrate of the video. Also cache is showing no signs of trouble (near 100%).

Yes, I did, extensively. But to no avail… Maybe I missed so ething, but it used to work fine out of the box…

OK, took me a while, but the logs are here http://paste.osmc.io/ajocozezaq

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Debug logging enabled http://paste.osmc.io/wafuyekuse