RPi3 + AV receiver

Hi to all.
I’ve successfully used ATV1 CB2 with my hdmi receiver for a long time (with my 1080p projector). Then I bought RPi3 and installed OSMC. I’ve done it using my backup 1080p tv directly. But when I put my RPi3 to the ATV place it revealed that it’s not working with my main AV+projector setup. My receiver says “no signal” from RPi3, but when I plug it into my old TV it works just fine.
What did I do wrong?
resolution is the same, cables are the same.

Did you boot pi with projector powered on and on correct input?

Yes I did. I got neither picture, nor audio. It’s like RPi3’s HDMI output is not recognizing my AV receiver. (it’s pretty old with hdmi 1.0 btw)

Do you know what resolution/refresh rate it runs with the ATV1?
Should be possible to force that.

If you ssh in to Pi and run:
tvservice -s

you can see what resolution the pi is outputting.

I´ve got a problem what looks as it could be the same.
At the first (cold) start my pi3 is not recognized by AV. If I do a warm start after this (I use Yatse for control, so no screen needed), OSMC is booting up just fine and is seen by my AV.
Hope this helps.

So, I SSh’d to Pi3 and got the same 1920x1080 @ 60Hz as on my TV, but it’s still not working.
Also I’ve launched a movie through Yatse and didn’t see/hear any reaction. By the way, I often used my old ATV only for music with the projector turned off. So I think it doesn’t matter what resolution with what refresh rate is coming from Pi3.
Could it be possible that specifically my AV receiver is not compatible with Pi3’s hdmi out?

Unlikely. What does “tvservice -s” report when running kodi? (or just post the debug log which will have that info).
Can you try a different hdmi cable?
You might want to try config_hdmi_boost from here.

I solved my problem. It is so ridiculous… This chinese transparent plexiglass shell causes very poor connection to both micro usb and hdmi ports. And makes it extremely sensitive to every movement.