Rpi3 bluetooth - cannot get speakers to connect

Hi all,

I recently setup a rpi3/osmc htpc. I am very new to the pi (my first one!) and very new to linux, so bare with me please.

I have a pair of bluetooth bookshelf speakers that I am trying to pair using the onboard bluetooth. I followed the instructions in the OSMC wiki Connecting A Bluetooth Device and the bluetooth enables and I see the speakers listed in Available Devices, but every time I attempt to pair the connection fails (with or without PIN). I tried two other portable bluetooth speakers and had the same trouble. I tried again & again, rebooted a few times, disabled/re-enabled the bluetooth, and everytime the connection fails.

I uploaded my logs here - http://paste.osmc.io/oredigucav (sorry if this is more than needed - I wasn’t totally sure which to upload)

I searched the forums, but most of the posts re: bluetooth seemed to be from before bluetooth was officially supported.

any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated! I’d rather not use wired speakers if I can use the bluetooth.

Did you install the A2DP package?
Also: if you plan to use A2DP streaming, you probably should avoid the internal adapter for now.