RPi3 Bluetooth woes

Need some help or ideas here. I’ve looked everywhere for a permanent solution and so far have had no luck. Built-in bluetooth is problematic, but this is my walkaround:

Added sources to /etc/apt/sources.list for pi-bluetooth:

deb Index of /debian jessie main staging
deb-src Index of /debian jessie main staging

Order of steps required after every reboot:

sudo apt-get install pi-bluetooth //(yes, eyery reboot)
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo service bluetooth start
sudo rfkill unblock all //(soft block by default on boot)
sudo bluetoothctl
-># power on
-># agent on

Only after doing this, everything bluetooth related works. But all of this is required after every reboot.


That doesn’t really make sense to run this every reboot. If you have to run this every boot, it would actually suggest a problem with your filesystem or SD card.

You also don’t need to install any additional packages for Pi bluetooth to work. You haven’t actually explained the problem you had in the first place.

rfkill signals are handled by ConnMan, our connection manager. You just need to run sudo connmanctl enable bluetooth once…

Can you explain what is “problematic”? I have my Pi3 built-in bluetooth working like a charm since I got it earlier this year.