Rpi3+ wifi disconnects

I update to the latest rpi3+ comming from a rpi3 and wifi drops every once in a while.
I just get no connection every 5min for about 2-3min and then it comes back on.

I’ve searched around the forum for similar issued and confirmed I do not have network manager installed.
Also I’m using the official rpi3 power source, so i’m rulling that one out.

Here’s the full set of logs:

Is there anything I can do to debug this?

Yes, the WiFi looks to be very unstable. From the log it’s difficult to say why.

First thing you should so is to move from channel 10. It will depend on what your neighbours are using but generally channels 1, 6 and 11 are most likely to give you a stable signal.

Can you also tell us what router/access point you are using?

I’ll try and change to channel 1, but I don’t think thats the main cause.
All the devices are able to mantain a stable fast connection… except for the rpi3+.
the rpi3 was able to maintain a stable connection.

As for the router/AP do you mean the SSID? or the router brand(it’s carried provided… wireless N… can’t even guess the brand…)

I tend to agree, but we have to start somewhere and channel 10 does need to be changed.

Edit. Sorry, missed this part.

I was after the brand/model but even ISP-provided routers usually have names like Livebox, Funbox, Superhub.

If you have an android phone, download a “WiFi analyzer” software and check how many other AP’s are broadcasting on your current channel.
I had that in the past. All on the same channel. Especially since they add the Free WiFi hotspots on your Intrernet access Boxes, there are even more APs polluting our network.
In my neighborhood for example, since they installed FTTH to the homes, everyone has a HotSpot, and WiFi-Mobile Extension to their regular AP. You can imagine the mess it does. See graph below.

Only solution I had was to get an AP with a stronger Tx unit, and place it high… Since then, I’ve got the strongest signal, and in my home all the PI Devices using WiFi work stable.

Sorry to add to the confusion, but it isn’t just the other wifi sources in the neighbourhood you have to be aware of. You ca also get problems with baby alarms, cordless phones … - and these won’t show on such a scan.

Well I changed channel and finally bought a 802.11ac router and wifi seems to be very stable now.
Maybe the rpi3b+ is a little more sensitive than the rpi3b when it comes to wifi.
Thanks guys!

Thanks for the feedback.

It might also have been an incompatibility with your ISP-supplied router. Firmware on ISP-supplied routers is notoriously flakey.

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I agree - I’ve changed routers twice since getting one from my ISP which gave problems, and now the service is faultless.