RPii3 w/ OSMC connect remotely to VU+

Okay I’ve been trying to read up on everything regarding rpi3 and osmc. I recently bought and installed a new PVR at home, the VU+ SOLO SE v2 which works flawlessly, but now I wanna bring it to the next step.

Before buying the rpi3 I want to make sure that the following scenario is possible:

I want to connect from our summer house (wired connection) remotely to my VU+ box at home to stream LiveTV while we are staying in on rainy days. The VU+ is only open for https connection (I don’t want to portforward the unprotected http).

I can see this working in two ways:

  1. The rpi3 w/ OSMC and VU+ PVR addon can directly be set up with a HTTPS adress and correct username/password.

  2. The rpi3 w OSMC can connect to my home network through VPN and with that established connection locally start the streams from the VU+ box. I have a server running windows server essentials 2012 at home which is set up with the inbuilt VPN anywhere access. So thus I’d need a VPN client able to function with the windows VPN.

Are either of these alternatives doable? Or is there any other alternative of getting it to connect remotely to my VU+ at home? I just wanted to make sure before buying everything :slight_smile:

Well I would setup openvpn on the Pi and create a VPN directly between the Pi’s instead of going via the windows server.
The only question remaining is if bandwidth and latency will make this a smooth adventure

Now I didn’t completely understand, you said VPN directly between the Pi’s. Do you mean between the Pi and the VU+ box? I would only have one Pi as client in the summerhouse.

Is there any other VPN-client that can be used if I instead want to go via the Windows Server which I know is securely set up?

I hope bandwidth and latency will be fine. On my home network I have 250/100 on fiber, most of the time it’s good enough to stream to my cellular 4G on my ipad and iphone so I’ve taken for sure that it should work with the Pi on a wired connection…

Well my suggestion was to install openvpn server on the PI that is at home in the LAN where the VU+ box is and the openvpn client on the Pi in the summer house.
That depends which VPN server you use on the Windows Server? IPSEC? PPTP? SSL?

Well I wouldn’t have any Pi at home, that’s the problem… :slight_smile: I think it would be possible putting OpenVPN on the Vu+ though.

I use SSTP (which uses SSLv3) and IKEv2 for mobile devices if that helps on the windows server (which also has authenticated and trusted certificates opposed to self-made ones).


Thank you! I didn’t think there was such a client for linux since SSTP is windowsbased, had only been googling IKEv2 and rpi.

So installing this client on the Pi should be enough to set up Kodi “remotely” to the VU+ at home, correct? :slight_smile:
Then it’s just crossing fingers to hope speeds are good enough for the LiveTV. Thanks for quick replies fzinken!

Well assuming so, don’t know SSTP with openvpn you basically can extend your LAN to the remote site assuming SSTP has the same functions.

All right I have been quiet busy so haven’t had a chance to play around with this until now.

To state the obvious, I am a complete newbie when it comes to rpi/OSMC/linux so bare with me…

I’ve tried installing the SSTP-client using the following instructions:

sudo apt-get install ppp-dev
sudo apt-get install libevent-dev
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
_./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var _
_–includedir=/usr/include --libexecdir=/usr/lib/sstp-client _
_–mandir=/usr/share/man --infodir=/usr/share/info _
_–disable-dependency-tracking --with-runtime-dir=/var/run/sstpc _
–enable-user --enable-group
sudo make install

make a dir : sudo mkdir /var/run/sstpc

/etc/ppp/chap-secrets file contents:

_ #Secrets for authentication using CHAP_
_ # client server secret IP addresses_
_ username sstp-1 “password” *_

/etc/ppp/peers/sstp-1 file contents:

remotename sstp-1
linkname sstp-1
ipparam sstp-1
pty “sstpc --ipparam sstp-1 --log-level 4 --save-server-route --nolaunchpppd your_server”
name username
plugin sstp-pppd-plugin.so
sstp-sock /var/run/sstpc/sstpc-sstp-1
_ #require-mppe_

sudo pon sstp-1

However I only get halfway… I can’t find the chap-secrets file… there isn’t a ppp folder within the etc (atleast not seen with the ls command). Don’t know what I’m doing wrong… :frowning: