RpiZero WiFi shenanigans

Hi guys!

I was finally able to check my zero with OSMC, using it with a wifi dongle, it connects to the wifi but after 30-60sec it is just dropping the connection.

If i try to connect again to the same wireless network it says connection failed and cannot go back again. If i change the wifi SSID i can connect again, then same.

Any idea why I am getting this weird issue?

[UPDATE] Was able to save the log file from the zero: http://dsh.re/66b3d
The wifi dongle is an Edimax EW-7811Un, that should just work fine with the raspberry.

Thank you.

Shot in the dark since it throws a IO error according to your logs, have you check your PSU so that gives the right amount of power to the rpi ?

I think that is okay, as I have a 2A dedicated power adapter for the zero and this is the only usb connected.

Do we have any limitation what kind of security protocols can be used for the WiFi?

The router is a fritz!box 7490 and it is in WPA2 (CCMP) mode, trying to connect to that. Checked the router’s log as well, but nothing suspicious is there… device connected, device disconnected.

Did you enable max_usb_current in MyOSMC? Is that function even available on PiZero?

Shouldnt be an issue running WPA2 myself in the past running a wifi bridge these days less issues in general.

But an IO error is always tricky to diagnose try plugging it in to another device and see if it works as it should on that before trying on the RPI Zero

@ActionA Yes, it is there, but once i enable OSMC suggests this function is for raspberry B+…

I will try that anyway, give me a few minutes and will send another log.

@Toast Thank you, I will give it a try from my pi 2, will let you know how it goes.

hi guys!

Quick update: I tried the max_usb_current (cross checked again the power adapter, output is 2.1A on it), but again same result. When i try to connect it either says connection failed, or i see some command line (on black background) and the sad face was shown.

here is the log with the new attempt: http://dsh.re/72151

The wifi adapter is working properly with a mac, I can confirm (EDIMAX EW-7811UN).

[UPDATE] Not sure why, but after restarting the zero it just started to work now. Connection looks stable. Maybe it was really the max_usb_current… I will try to keep looking into this and if it remains the same i hope that was it. Although if it is just a coincidence please let me know, you guys know better what to check in the actual log file…

Thanks for both of your helps!

So you mean after entering the max_usb_current into config.txt you hadn’t rebooted? If that is the case than max_usb_current was the solutioon but it obviously only comes into effect after reboot