Run skript at startup

Hi there, i have a shell-skript that starts two python-skripts in the background to catch temperatur/humidity and gps position every 5 seconds storing the info to a database. I now run this skript after i exited osmc to the command line.

My question is: is there a way to automatically run the skript when i power on my raspberry with osmc? So it basically runs parallel to the osmc media player? or can i run it inside the media player, maybe as extension? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Thank you, christian

could use cron then you could add “xbmc-send -a (your message)” inside the python script or something

Thanks, but the scheduling is done inside python. I meant more like to put it in “/etc/rc.local” in normal raspbian images.

sudo crontab -e 
@reboot python /path/to/your/script

OSMC supports /etc/rc.local so you can put it there as long as you background it.