Running windows .exe files from a share folder on osmc

Hello All

I have a share folder on my pi 3 B that i maped in windows. It Works perfectly i can access all the files
but wen i try to run a windows .exe program it says access denied. any idea to fix the problem, is it with the
pi or windows.


It won’t run because the windows exe is complied for windows, not raspbian. Also you’ve got 2 different cpu architects x86(Windows) & arm (pi)


Sorry I missread this topic, I thought the windows share was on the windows box and you were trying to run this on the pi. Assuming this is a samba share on the pi? If this is the case, dillthedog has just pointed this out:

If update your smb.conf on the pi as advised in the link and reboot, are you able to execute it on the windows pc?

@dillthedog cheers for spotting that.

Thanks Tom.