Sad face after 30.08 Update

Getting “sad face” after update, don’t know how to handle it.

OSMC gets updates installs it shows sad face and reboots back to kodi, so did I have to worry?

If you mean it crashed the first time after the update but then worked OK after that then no you don’t necessarily need to worry. This intermittent problem of a crash on first boot after update has been an issue for a while, although we thought we had fixed it with this update.

Posting debug logs from My OSMC would be helpful though.

Were you on Kodi Helix before and did you just upgrade now? Upgrading Kodi versions causes an upgrade of the database. This sometimes causes a crash. If it only happened once, and you are fine now, then you have nothing to worry about


Yes was Kodi Helix so I think updated from the last version to the actual.

So if there is nothing to worry about I will be fine.

Btw. how do I the the logs?

Logs can be uploaded via the Log Uploader in My OSMC, but they probably won’t reveal much.

Nothing to worry about though.

I am going to pre-emptively close your thread, as someone else may get a sad face after updating, and their problem almost certainly won’t be related!

If you have any further issues just open a new thread.