Sad face after every update but only once

Hi there, I have a sad face everytime after I updated OSMC. It comes right on the first boot after the update, then OSMC restarts, and then everything is fine.
This time, I activated debug logging before the update and uploaded the logs after the sad face restart. Perhaps this helps in tracking the issue:

This is a known issue. It’s not something that can be trivially resolved but isn’t an error

It means you are using a skin which uses Skin Shortcuts


Ok, thanks for the info.
It’s not such a big deal, but after every update I’m a bit nervous if it’s just the everytime-sad-face or if something bigger is broken… ^^

Just for information: I use the standard estuary skin.
If you trying to solve this issue in the future and need additional logs or testings, you’re welcome to contact me.

I suspect you have script.skinshortcuts active on your system. That would be the first thing to check and would be useful to know.

How can I check this? In installed addon-list I found no “skin shortcut” or similar. Only “Skin widgets” is in the addon list.

Ok, I found “Skin Shortcuts - Add To Menu” in the Kodi-Repository. Is this what we look for? It’s not installed on my system.

After the august update, there was no sad face this time. Seems you found the issue @sam_nazarko
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that.

Saw the Sad Face a couple of times when I switched to my Vero 4K. Basically it tells me Kodi is “crashing” and need to be restarted. Independent of any updates itself.

You probably can change the picture of the sad face (haven’t checked what the filename is) and make it some kind of a custom Waiting/Splashscreen. Still the same thing, but wouldn’t feel as wrong as a sad face if you see it. Instead of “Oh shit, something went wrong” it would be a “Ah, restart required” kind of feeling.

You know WAF is better :slight_smile: That is the nice thing with OSMC: sooo much stuff is already prepared and you can customize it even further if you dare working under the hood. Peace in the living room and everyone is happy and can enjoy consuming their favorite media.

I am still amazed how smooth stuff can be compared to before where I fiddled around with Android boxes (never again). I can focus on small user friendliness things instead of getting basic stuff to work better. Why didn’t I go there years ago? Ah, well lesson learnt…

Hah! We are seeing that a lot lately: users buy Vero 4K and wonder why they spend so much time messing around with everything else.

You shouldn’t see the sad face anymore though. Give me a shout if you do.