Sad Face After Use

First off, Krypton is amazing! Thanks for all the hard work that must have gone into it.

Whenever I turn off my TV (gotta do it sometime), I leave my OSMC/Raspberry Pi running. Next time I turn the TV on, I nearly always get a sad smiley face, followed by an interface restart. I have looked for configuration settings that might help, and searched the wiki and the forum posts, but this does not seem to happen to anyone else. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.

I’m running a Pi B+ with a Phat DAC and wired networking. I turned on logging, including event logging, but all I saw was an event notification that the interface had restarted. I could not see anything new in the logs - at least under /var/log. Are log files written somewhere else?

In all other respects, OSMC is amazing - things just work, and I can simply interact with the media content I want to look at, listen to, or both. Thanks for the hard work that went into this!

Wiki should help you upload full logs. Then we can see what’s happening. If you can log the crash this will help greatly

You’re right - I was able to locate some instructions in the wiki. I was able to generate a log, and although nothing seemed to happen when I asked MyOSMC to do the upload, so I ended up with this:
Logs successfully uploaded.
Logs available at
after running grab-logs.

I did take a moment to peek at the log, and I was interested to see how many messages indicating a failure of CEC communications.

When I set my system up, I added “hdmi_ignore_cec=1” to /boot/config.txt specifically to try to avoid potential problems with CEC. I guess it isn’t working. Should I comment it out?

OK, by reading another thread I discovered that under Settings > System > Input > Peripherals > CEC Adapter there are a whole series of settings available. After a bit of thought I disabled CEC, since I am not using it.


Sorry for all the trouble, I thought I had disabled CEC with the hdmi_ignore_cec setting in config.txt.