Sad-face crash when receiver powers up

I’m actually just curious if anyone else has seen this because I think I know what the problem is.

My receiver, when turned off, goes into pass-through mode. When powering back on, it takes over HDMI switching again. I’ve found that when I turn my receiver on (pi2 with osmc still running from last time…) I’ll see osmc for a moment followed by a sad-face crash, followed by osmc restarting.

This could be the pass-through thing confusing the hdmi stuff on the pi side, or…

I suspect this may be EM interference from the main power circuit in the receiver powering up (audible clicking sound) that is causing the pi to glitch. I noted that this started round-about the time I added an IR transistor to the pi, connected by some cables to lift it above my furniture. It may be acting as an antenna to transmit interference to the GPIO of the pI?

Sounds legit? has anyone else seen this?

would tell ya to provide logs

but the site is down but when its up please check the link and provide logs for us

Obvious thing to try is to remove the IR transistor and see if the problem stops.

I have the exact opposite, sometimes when I switch to Kodi my receiver just shuts down and sometimes a few seconds later switches back on…

This came with latest update, also before setting force hdmi hotplug in config.txt with the other problems I had, those seem to be fixed luckily :smile:

Haven’t had time to report it here, nor did it happen that much… would love to have it fixed though, since it sounds like a hard shutdown :confused:

Does disabling CEC in system/input/peripherals/cec setttings make a difference?

I’ll try that, not sure when to get the results though… like I said quite busy and the problem doesn’t happen all the time

So, around the time I made this post there was an update… I dunno if that cured the problem but I’ve only seen it once or twice since. Turning on debugging left an overlay permanently on my screen and got annoying in about 5 minutes, so I turned it off again as a general rule.

I was able to reproduce the problem only once since with debugging enabled, by accident, and could find absolutely nothing in any log. The kodi log was simply truncated and dmsg had nothing to add since initial boot.

So… I dunno what to say. It still happens, but rarely and that overlay is way too annoying to leave on permanently… and besides it seemed to not help anyway.