Sad face on HEVC MKV playback

Hi guys,

I bought a RPi3 and installed OSMC. I’ve gotten everything to work and been able to play all my movies off of my server. I just have a problem with a couple and they are all 10bit h.265. I keep getting a sad face with no explanation as to why. I have tried many things and been trying to figure it out on my own but maybe asking for help would be faster.

These movies will play fine on VLC on my PC, but Plex will freeze at 13% while transcoding them. So I’ve been trying to use Kodi on the RPi but keep getting the blue screen, sad face.

Here is my debug log from Kodi.

I’ve been going over and over the logs but I just don’t see the error. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

There is no support for 10bit on any raspberry pi.

Thank you. I just thought Kodi would transcode it to a playable format.

Kodi cannot do that and no rpi has the power to do it on the fly :frowning: