Sad Smiley after update

Hi, today i updated my osmc on Raspberry Pi 1b
Now i got the sad smiley after reboot.

My logs.

13:45:32 389.759277 T:3024974384  NOTICE: Running database version Addons20
13:45:32 389.774872 T:3024974384  NOTICE: Running database version ViewModes6
13:45:32 389.781342 T:3024974384  NOTICE: Running database version Textures13
13:45:32 389.850220 T:3024974384  NOTICE: Running database version MyMusic56
13:45:32 389.869385 T:3024974384   ERROR: SQL: [MyVideos99] The table does not exist
                                            Query: SELECT idVersion FROM version

Your have a missing table in your MySQL database. As you have a MySQL setup you’re going to have to give a bit of description of how you set this up and exactly what you did during the upgrade.

With a MySQL install it’s important to only upgrade one system first, usually whichever your primary system is, and let it do the database upgrade. Don’t upgrade all systems together, and don’t shut down until the database upgrade is completed. Most likely you will need to delete the databases added by Jarvis and restart which will trigger the database migration process again.

Which databases to delete? I just delete the MyVideo99 Folder. Does not work. Any other?

All databases that are listed as Jarvis

You need to “drop” the database in MySql, not just delete the folder, see here, Common problems, Method 2

Thx. It works again :grinning: