Sad smiley while live tv is loading


I have Raspberry Pi 2 and I’ve enabled Live TV.
every once in a while after a reboot to OSMC, I’m receiving the sad smiley.
the sad smileys occur when the Live TV is loading all the channels so I guess it’s related but I’m not sure.
how can I share the relevant logs for these crashes?
I know how to access OSMC via SFTP.

thanks for the help.

Read the sticky thread at the top of this forum…

Set Up -
Device: RASPBERRY PI 2 - Model B. 1GB RAM, Quad Core CPU
Installation Media: SDcard - SanDisk 8GB Extrême Pro Micro SDHC Classe 10
Connection Wifi - Asus USB-N10

The USB-N10 is the only thing connected to USB.
The RASPBERRY PI 2 is connected with a 1.4 HDMI cable to LG TV.
I’m using my TV remote to control OSMC with HDMI CEC (SIMPLELINK)
I don’t know if it’s related but I see a little rainbow square quite constantly in my top right screen, I know it suggests some kind of powering problem, can it be the cause of the crashes?

It’s a low voltage warning and is precisely at the root of your issues. Obtain a more suitable power supply.

thank you.
where can I buy a verified power supply that suits both Raspberry Pi 2 & OSMC?

Amazon. Search for “raspberry pi power supply”. Get the 2.5A one for $9.99.

thank you.
I understand that you already have that power supply and the Raspberry is working fine with no alerts whatsoever?

That’s right, that’s the one I’m using. No power problems.

I bought an original power supply for RPI like this one:

and all problems are solved ever since.

thank you

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@fzinken done, thanks for the heads up.