Samba guest

i tried to search for an answer and the suggested threads are kinda old. i went on the latest osmc and got in the store to download and install the samba. everything is automounted by osmc thats connected to the usb ports which is nice. the only problem is that i share my library across my home network to different devices and operating systems. i am coming from openelec and built it from that. how do i allow guest browsing? i cant where the usb’s are being mounted from to change it to guest ok=yes


What hardware are you using that requires guest browsing?
Default username and password are both osmc

I’ll see what we can do

im using windows it doesnt require guest browsing but the way i have my system setup is that i transfer big files so i have to enter a username and password for different drives on the share. kinda annoying to enter it for 4 drives on 5 different devices.

i was just trying to make the share accessible without a username and password.

You can mount it permanently (on Windows this is Map Network Drive)