Samba mount disappearing

I am using the following line in fstab:

// /mnt/storage cifs credentials=/etc/samba/credentials,uid=119,x-systemd.automount 0 0

My Vero is physically linked to my receiver, so they will always power on together, even when not using the Vero.

I have noticed that sometimes the Samba mount has disappeared by itself, while the Vero has been on for an hour or so (with the receiver on Radio or so).

Is there some feature auto-unmounting the mount for some reason?

What’s the output of mount -a when the share disappears?
Is Vero 4K connected via Ethernet or WiFi?

Mount -a works fine to remount the share. Am cronning that every minute now, to check if the mount is gone.


Check your network stability. Maybe a long running iperf3.

iperf3 -c <ip_of_iperf3_server> -i 1 -t 600

Will give you a 10 minute test with a report every second.

SMB shares should not be dropping with a stable network.

I did a bit of searching for similar problems.

There’s one here where it seems that smbd (the server process) is getting a SIGHUP when a DHCP lease is renewed.

While it is possibly not related to your case, it illustrates that the issue might not be on the OSMC side. I also see that we know nothing about your SMB server set-up and that you’ve also provided no logs from the Vero4K.

In the circumstances, we have very little to go on.