Samba Periodically Stops Working

I’ve been using OSMC with my Raspberry Pi B+ for two years now, and it has been excellent. I use it almost exclusively to watch videos that I’ve transferred from my Windows 10 laptop, over my ethernet network. The easiest and fastest way I’ve found to do this transfer is via Samba. (If anyone has any better suggestions, I’m all ears.) Samba is great when it works, but it seems to stop working periodically. In my experience, when something like this stops working, it stays broken until you do something to fix it, but Samba seems to periodically stop working, and then, some time later, it starts working again. (Currently, it’s not working.)

This doesn’t seem to be a hardware problem, because I can still transfer files using FileZilla, but that method is slower and requires this separate program rather than simply working through File Explorer.

If you need any additional information (logs?) to help me solve this problem, please let me know. Please be specific about the steps I need to do to get this additional information.

In order for your support request to be useful, you will need to provide logs.

Since you seem to be using Win10 as a client, have you tried using nfs? You need to activate it in Windows Features:
Set up exports on the Pi then map a Windows drive letter to them.

Note that in Windows, the SMB/NFS share names occupy the same namespace, with SMB tried first. To make sure NFS is being used, you need to make NFS share names different from any Samba shares that the Pi is sharing.